6 Tips for Putting your CRM into Overdrive

A customer relationship management system is a critical tool for any organization looking to build extraordinary customer relationships. However, if the CRM is only deployed to a single department, and not automating and optimizing end-to-end customer-facing processes, the full value of CRM may not be achieved. The following are six ways an advanced...

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Introducing Sugar Drop

If you're familiar with SugarCRM, you may know that creating Document records within the current framework is not a quick process. It includes multiple clicks, refresh of pages, and going one-by-one for each of your document files to create Document records within SugarCRM.

MasterSolve has created a plugin to solve this problem!...

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Migrating Salesforce Documents and Attachments to SugarCRM

We recently performed a Salesforce to SugarCRM migration that required many documents to be added to their new CRM.  The data export out of Salesforce keeps documents in two components, just like SugarCRM.  The document records in .csv format, and a folder that contains any attachments.  Importing the actual records into SugarCRM is well documented...
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